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Overcome germs with quality products.




BIOCYN biocin

Water-based sterilization products

Disinfectant and Antiseptic

Protect Safe ● Effective

Promptly clean & feel fresh


  • Purpose: cleaning And multipurpose sterilization

  • Active substance content: Sodium Hypochlorite 0.1%

  • Volume: 4 liters

  • Stock quantity: 120

  • Delivered From: Wang Thonglang District Bangkok

Product description

             It is a water-based sterilization product. Used to clean To kill

and inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi, it is a safe product.

Do not hurt the skin of both people and animals. Does not destroy the environment Alcohol free

Ingredients: Water H2O 98.37%, Salt NaCl 1.63% (Electrolysis And a

new compound is Sodium Hypochlorite)

How to use: can be used immediately after opening (Ready to use),

use a damp cloth. Wipe on the desired surface, pour directly on the

surface. Or pour it into a spray bottle To use as a spray And should

use plain water, check or wash accordingly

Suitable for:

- Surface material near you Including furniture

- corridors and facilities in large public places such as supermarkets,

fresh markets, schools,

   Hospitals, fitness facilities (gymnasiums), airports, shopping malls,

and public toilets, etc.

- Use to wash the house after the water is plump. To get rid of water

and fungus

- Deodorize odors Especially in the area of ​​the toilet, toilet bowl and

trash bin

Storage method: keep in dry place Keep away from direct sunlight and

heat. Away from ammonia and oxidizing agents After activation The lid should be tightly closed.

          Warning: 1. Do not eat or inhale.

                          2. Be careful not to get in your eyes.

          **Expiration date: 6 months after opening the lid.**

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