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The more you drink the better health you get 




Fujitozansui (500ml.)

Fujitozansui is a drinking water using natural raw water from

Mt. Fuji a world Cultural  Heritage. It contains vanadium and

oxygen particles are stable for a year due to nano bubble technology.




Oxygen nano bubble is expected to be effective

on the human body and research is on going everyday

  • Suppressing the formation of arteriosclerotic lesions

  • Controlling blood pressure -Suppressing blood glucose levels and HBA1C

  • Decreasing uric acid levels Suppressing bad cholesterol

  • Promote "Basal Metabolic Rate"

  • Improving skin reactions such as allergies and atopy

  • During exercise, body requires huge amount of oxygen to extract energy. Water containing oxygen nano bubble brings more oxygen

  • into the bloodstream so that you can exercise longer. Drinking it

  • during and after exercise will help you recover in between workouts faster.

  • Enhances cognitive performance such as memory

  • Prolong attention and concentration Rehydration and anti-aging

  • Improve liver function by getting rid of harmful chemical that body make

  • Promotes immune system


Nano bubble technology could possible

improve efficacy of existing cancer treatments.

A major obstacle in effectively treating certain cancers is a condition

known as hypoxia, where tumour cells are starved of oxygen and

consequently become resistant to conventional treatments like

radiation and chemotherapy.  When this happens in practice,

a doctor typicallv increases the radiation dose or the concentration

of the chemotherapy drug, which often adversely affects the patient
"Cells in the hypoxic state are two- to three-times less receptive to

treatments like radiation and chemotherapy."
- Joseph Irudayaraj, the Founder Professor in Bioengineering.


Nano Bubble (<1000 nm in diameter) have

several unique properties, and they are tested

in various medical fields 

Fujitozansui is a drinking water in which oxygen nano bubbles have

been introduced. In the same way as for plants and vegetables which

growth is enhanced, we believe that by providing more oxygen in the

human body through the unique nano bubbles properties,

human health can have great benefits.These can be: stimulated activity,

enhanced recovery after physical activity, or enhanced healing of injuries.

Nano Bubble Technology is a technology that microscopic bubbles with

a diameter of less than 1000 nm cannot be seen by the naked eye. 

It can dissolve or infiltrate a liquid medium, such as water, several times

more than normal, and has a low buoyancy, thus slowing its rise to

the surface of the water.  One of the keys to the development of the

global healthcare industry.


Eaublue Oxeee

Oxgen Enriched Drink Water

History of Oxygen Enriched Drinking Water The oxygen-rich drinking

water keeps you rejuvenated as it contains 5 times more oxygen than

normal drinking water, which is sufficient and suitable oxygen for the

body to be used for repair and rebalancing the life.  wgOD the body

and to keep the body healthy with oxidation, nanomolecular molecules

that penetrate between the oxygen-rich drinking water molecules are

effective too, can be infiltrated into cell membranes, making the body

instantly here.  With a taste like normal water, but with ancinv, with

properties that help keep your skin and healthier, you can enjoy it

without the side effects of "very healthy" blue MITI.

The increased amount of oxygen in the bloodstream is important for

maintaining the functioning of every part of the body, from organ level

to cellular level for better body function such as thought, memory, liver,

heart etc.

The benefits of  Drinking water oxygen.

1. Helps the heart work better.

2. Relieve fatigue from hypoxia in patients with asthma, tuberculosis,

emphysema and lung disease, long-term use of tobacco and

compressed sand.

3.Relieve migraine headache and stress headache, reduce dizziness,

nausea, vomiting, headache.

4. Helps patients recover faster after childbirth after surgery

5. Stimulates the immune system.

6. The growth process of cancer cells slows down in a highly

oxidized state, making them suitable for cancer patients and helping

to prevent cancer-conducting conditions.

7. Reduce intraocular pressure for patients with disease.  A type of


8.Increase the number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets,

helping patients with bleeding disorders.

9. It has antibacterial, anaerobic and antiviral effects, making it suitable

for patients with root canal disease and mouth ulcers.

10. Reduce stomach acid, destroy bacteria that cause ulcers in the

stomach and intestines, increase gastric motility, solve the problem of

GERD that causes the top of the chest and ligament.

11.Keeps the skin moist

A condition that lowers the amount

of oxygen in your blood,

the more smoking you smoke, the less your lungs can exchange oxygen. 

This causes the blood to have more carbon dioxide and lower oxygen

content.  Drinking alcohol or alcohol causes the body's cells to take less

oxidation.  Because alcohol is inserted between the red blood cells,

the amount of red blood cells to carry oxygen to the cells is less than

it should be.  Infection, viral or bacterial infection of some species will

cause the body to hijack oxygen to use the body, therefore there is a

chance of hypoxia, stress, stress migraine, migraine, cerebrovascular

disease, headache.  All kinds of dizziness are caused by a lack of oxygen

in the brain.  When you get older, the oxygen content in the bloodstream

decreases by the age of 15, 90% decrease. At the age of 50, it decreases

to 70%. At the age of 70 it is reduced by 60%.  Too much will cause the

oxygen content in the blood to decrease.  Excessive exercise The body

needs a lot of oxidation in order to nourish the muscles and other cells,

so the body is not exposed to enough oxygen.  Living in a polluted area

The polluted area has low oxygen content.  May not be enough to meet

the needs of the body

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