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Who should drink oxygen water?


-Business man, office worker

-The elderly

-Athletes who exercise regularly

-People who drink alcohol Smokers

-Community residents

-Patients with health problems

Interesting facts about oxygenated water

“ Cancer does not like oxygen.”

In 1932, physician Otto Warburg (Otto Warburg) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering that tumors prefer to live in anaerobic, and he Concluded that the meat was removed. (Ref: Cancer) prefers to be born in the absence of free Oxygen.This discovery is invaluable, and in the medical community he deserves the Nobel Prize. Indeed, the results of this Dr. Warburg study may simply say that cancer occurs as a result of the lack of oxygen in the body, so whatever causes the body to become hypoxia-induced. That is, the cause of cancer and what makes the body properly or fully oxygenated, that even further prevents the development of cancer.

Source: The Ideal Water Book by Prof. Dr. Somsak Worakamin "

“Oxygen helps to strengthen the healing of wounds. "

Especially chronic plaques such as diabetic ulcers, vascular lesions, ulcers that result from radiation. Oxygenation Will cause the amount of oxygen in the surrounding tissues As a result, the cells that receive oxygen work better. It can kill germs by creating new tissue and blood vessels, thus causing the wound to heal. It also helps treat pneumonia and respiratory diseases.

(Wachira Hospital Phuket. 2011) ``

“Providing oxygen has been shown to be of great benefit to the patient. "

Because it helps to pay off the work of the head Jaime a lot Improved heart function, breathing muscles work better. Not easy to fatigue Sleep better, mood and thinking improve, and help patients live longer. According to current indications, doctors will consider home oxygen inhalation in two cases. First, continuous inhalation is that if the patient is constantly under 90% of the oxygen saturation level in the blood, oxygen inhalation is recommended to The oxygen levels rise to 90-92%, at least 15 cm per day, if it is longer, it is even better. Case 2 inhalation of oxygen only when the oxygen is low. While sleeping or while exercising, your doctor may recommend sniffing only when you go to bed or while exercising.

(Sitthep Thanakitcharu, 2007)

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